Burned circuit boards can be tricky and stinky all at the same time.  Obviously something went wrong somewhere and it most likely was a bad power supply.  A surge of power flowed through the drive and ZAP! It's over. Fortunately many times the solution is to rework the hard drive's logic board and correct the problem by replacing the damaged chip or chips involved.  Most of these turn out to be the Level 2 Recovery.  In many cases the hard drive returns running. It's not unusual that the read write heads were also damaged creating a level 3 invasive recovery situation.  Considering it's not responsive you cannot evaluate it properly without first getting it as close to working as possible.

What can cause this:  A bad chip on the hard drive's logic board or a power surge created by the power supply can easily cause this type of damage.

1. Bad Hard Drive logic board (Level 2)
2. Bad read write heads & Logic Board (Level 3)

A great majority of the time these are successful recoveries.  The fact that the drive does not spin adds mystery to the condition of the rest of the hard drive so success is not always a guarantee but the great majority of the time they are 100% successful.
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